Identity Documents

Identity Documents

OPSTM Passport Personalization System

Centro Grafico dg offers customized data page overlays solutions to fit each different passport finishing line utilized by Customers i.e. roll to roll, sheets format with single or multi images (2 ups – 4 ups) suitable for in-line or off-line personalization systems. OPSTM is the ultimate solution for passport data page protection, constructed as a thin polymeric membrane specially formulated to become integral part of the data page, transferred by heat and pressure, after lamination it becomes impossible to alter personal data without destroying it. The image, a high quality optical variable device (OVD), is incorporated into the OPSTM film using HRI (High Refratcive Index) technology, creating a transparent version of the image which allows the personal data to be placed underneath the feature without being obscured. By placing the OVD onto the data page, OPSTM enables governments to issue machine-readable, digitally-imaged passports that meet international civil aviation (ICAO) and supplementary European (EU) requirements:

Cards Protection Solutions

Centro Grafico dg offers a complete range of innovative and customised products and services to assist its customers in the deployment of their card solutions, in particular:

For each solution chosen, Centro Grafico dg can support the client with the most appropriate product.

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