Centro Grafico DG provides a complete range of embossing bases, manufactured using the most advanced coating technologies. Available in a variety of metallization finishes (alluminum, copper, chromium, tin and high reflectance index materials) as well as colour finish upon request.

Production is made by different multi-station coating machines 1.6 meters wide. As a complement to the offer Centro Grafico DG also supplies the correspondent adhesives to be used in combination with the specific base foil, giving the customer the opportunity to produce in house his final security product.

The company, upon Customer’s specific request, is available to produce embossing bases for special applications. Centro Grafico DG is committed to achieve the highest quality standards for the usage of its products in many holographic companies all over the world.


Please contact us if you would like to receive further information on Centro Grafico DG’ solutions.

Centro Grafico DG is a worldwide player in the security foils’market, holograms and anti-counterfeiting systems.
It develops innvovative security solutions for products and documents, incorporating advanced optical and physical elements against counterfeting to guarantee the highest security for brands and documents.