Centro Grafico DG has the capability to embed security features into holographic stripes, utilizing differing metallic depositions of aluminium or copper and combined with printed security inks.

They are available for various application at a high level of security among which banknotes, fiscal and revenue stamps and other financial documents.

It includes Electron Beam Lithography at a very high resolution containing sophisticated optical microstructures which can offer both machine readability and yes/no read using optical array detection.
More than 20 stripes can be applied in a single pass on a max web’s width of 800 mm. The adhesive systems, formulated and in-house manufactured, allow to convert the most complex substrates, from gummed to thermal papers, frangible polyethylene and self-adhesive papers.


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Centro Grafico DG is a worldwide player in the security foils’market, holograms and anti-counterfeiting systems.
It develops innvovative security solutions for products and documents, incorporating advanced optical and physical elements against counterfeting to guarantee the highest security for brands and documents.