The security solutions and products are in-house formulated through the research & development division. Competence, know-how and investments in technology merge to create embossing base materials which are the common basement to all holographic solutions.

Vacuum Metal Deposition and Sputtering

With controlled density vacuum metallizing equipment, the company has the ability to depose aluminum, copper, chrome, tin, high refractive indexed rare earths (ZnS and TiOx).

For special applications a state of the art sputtering unit is available to allow very complex depositions of any material, but magnetic, and very refined deposition controls with nanometric tolerances. Centro Grafico DG is accordingly able to create specialties suitable for different fields of application.


The company provides very accurate and registered demetallization features, copper or alluminum, available for high security solutions for passports, card holographic patches and labels. It includes numbering of variable data.

Security printing

Security printing has always been an integral part of Centro Grafico DG manufacturing knowledge. Over the years the company has specialized and focused on printed features for entry visas, forms, certificates and excise stamps. Today, despite discontinuing traditional printing, Centro Grafico DG uses its know-how and skills to supply to government and corporate users security foils which combine optical microstructures, inks and pigments manufactured to the highest standards of security and printing technology.

Integrating print with holographic elements it enables us to create highly secure products with multi-level features.

Strategic alliance partnerships with state printers allow Centro Grafico DG to develop advanced anti-counterfeiting solutions which are deployed and used in many countries worldwide.


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Centro Grafico DG is a worldwide player in the security foils’market, holograms and anti-counterfeiting systems.
It develops innvovative security solutions for products and documents, incorporating advanced optical and physical elements against counterfeting to guarantee the highest security for brands and documents.