Centro Grafico DG is a private company that over the years has integrated the security printing knowledge with holographic film and foils production technology.  The company was founded in 1970 and along the years has achieved an established worldwide reputation for quality and reliability of its product and services. 

The company philosophy is to invest in R&D and modern technology to provide its customers with sophisticated and creative products to deter and fight against counterfeting and thus guarantee identities and products.

The progressive manufacturing technology, a flexible approach and attention to details allow Centro Grafico DG to fulfil the most demanding requirements from Customers and Partners.

The constant relationship with governments, industry and commerce aims to understand the issues on security and authenticity attending to today’s market requirements and with a vision oriented to the security demands of the future.


Centro Grafico DG is specialized in the formulation, production and delivery of base foils for the holographic industry, security materials for brand protection, ID and travel documents authenticity and data protection, official documents, currency and credentials.

The mission is to supply products to Governments which ensure security to citizens as well as to create and supply applied technologies which stay ahead of forgery ensuring authenticity of products. 

With counterfeiting becoming such a serious and growing problem in many countries banknotes and documents need several effective levels of security. 
They must possess:

• Overt security features for the persons in the street. These features must be difficult to simulate and be easily recognisable as genuine in the short time available during a normal transaction, ideally without the need for an additional device.
• Covert security features. These features must be protected and detectable with the aid of special devices, and are necessary for identification by the authorities.

Centro Grafico DG high security foils solutions can help with both. We propose our customers the security coming from the most complex and advanced origination techniques including Electron beam lithography.

Among the features multichannel switch effect, microtext and nanotext, full colour images, bas-relief, de-color effect (achromatic images), multilevel and animated CLR images, letter lens effect, kinematic and raster effects. 
Advanced optical devices, micro-registered demetallization, incorporation of security taggant, high durable surface finishes can be incorporated in both patches and stripe’s application solutions.

Centro Grafico DG also offers metallic films and foils for the graphic industry manufactured in a variety of colours that enhances the product aspect and makes its packaging distinguished from the competition to greatly increase the product’s shelf appeal thereby attracting the buyer’s attention.

Our offer includes:

• Specifically designed holograms to meet individual customer requirements
• A selection of foils and carriers thickness
• Large choice of standard patterns
• Various distinctive finishes


Centro Grafico DG is at the forefront in the development and research of new solutions against counterfeiting. Through a strict process control at every production stage our products comply with the highest quality standards on the market.

The quality management system at Centro Grafico DG is certified EN ISO 9001:2015, In 2016, the company has obtained the certification ISO 14298:2013 (formerly from 2007 CWA 14641) for hologram manufacturer and security printing, offering to his customers, both private and governmental, an important added value to the product reliability and efficiency. 

Centro Grafico DG is member of the International hologram manufacturers association IHMA who it actively cooperates with to maintain the highest professional and security standards.


Please contact us if you would like to receive further information on Centro Grafico DG’ solutions.

Centro Grafico DG is a worldwide player in the security foils’market, holograms and anti-counterfeiting systems.
It develops innvovative security solutions for products and documents, incorporating advanced optical and physical elements against counterfeting to guarantee the highest security for brands and documents.